3D Acquisition and Modeling: Evolution and Perspective

Gabriele Guidi
5 Septembre 2014

The research group at Politecnico di Milano (Italy) running the “Computer Vision and Reverse Engineering Laboratory”, deals with 3D acquisition and modeling techniques since the end of the ’90s. An interesting quality of a Polytechnic school like that one in Milan, is to have in its DNA both a technical mind, coming from the Engineering departments, and a humanistic soul, typical of the Architecture and Design components.
This gives a privileged point of view when dealing with a technological topic like 3D capturing methods, with the various technical aspects in opto-electronics, image processing, metrology and computer graphics, applied to a 3D Cultural Heritage documentation that must be useful for archaeologists, architects and officers responsible of CH conservation institutions.
This presentation introduces the research group and gives an overview of the technological evolution of 3D capturing techniques since 2000, through a retrospective of a few major base researches and applicative works made by the group both in the Cultural Heritage and Industrial fields, looking at the hot topics of the future.